Best Web Browsers

Be faster and more secure online

The best internet browser isn’t necessarily the default one that comes with your device.

Whether you’re looking for faster web browsing or more security while you’re online, we’ll help you choose the right internet browser in this guide.

We have been using internet browsers for 25 years & we work so much online, we’ve learned a thing or two about web browsers.

We came to the conclusion that Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browser for most people. It boasts fast page loads, quick navigation and, most importantly, secure browsing.

We tested each web browser’s default security settings using live malware, and Firefox correctly stopped more malicious downloads – and warned of more dangerous websites – than any other popular web browser.

However, there are a number of very good browsers to choose between, and the right one for you will depend on your requirements.

You’ll find our pick of the best internet browsers below.

1. Mozilla Firefox: Best overall

Mozilla Firefox

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

  • Blocks malware reliably
  • Navigates the web quickly
  • Includes private web browser
  • Live support isn’t available
  • Bookmarked pages are hard to find
  • Landing page has a lot of ads

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the fastest internet browsers we tested for navigating between sites and for fully loading pages. It also proved to be the most secure during our in-house tests using live malware.

This browser is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, and with Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. It syncs your passwords, bookmarked pages and browser settings so you have access to these – as well as your search history – on other computers and mobile devices.

Mozilla includes a privacy browser so you can search online without cookies or other trackers. And you can set this browser to delete all the cookies, cache and browser history each time the browser closes. Mozilla is nicely laid out and has a clean interface, so it’s easy to find most tools and features. You can have multiple browser tabs open at once in a single window and rearrange their order by dragging and dropping the tabs. If you accidentally close a tab, or even the entire browser, Firefox will recover it for you. It’s difficult to contact live tech support since Mozilla doesn’t offer telephone or chat help. And the email support doesn’t always return messages. Your best bet for one-on-one help is through the user forums. You can also find good information and resources, such as FAQs and tutorials, through the searchable knowledge base.

Download Mozilla Firefox Browser:

2. Chrome: Best for Google Drive

Google Chrome

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

  • Compatible with all platforms and devices
  • You can search the web from the address bar
  • Synchronization makes settings available on every device
  • Desktop version doesn’t navigate as fast
  • No telephone support
  • Program files are large, and the browser uses more system resources than others

Google Chrome comes standard on most Android mobile devices, so it is a good choice for cell phones and tablets. Plus we’ve found that it works a bit better than Firefox on Android devices. Chrome is also a good choice for Windows and Mac computers.

If you use Chrome on multiple devices, logging in to your account will give you quick access to documents you saved in Google Docs, your Gmail messages and your bookmarks, regardless of the device you’re on. Search history is also saved with your account, so if you’re logged in, terms you’ve looked for will auto-populate when you start typing in the Google search field on any device. 

Chrome lets you set icons on your toolbar so you can quickly get to the pages you visit most often. You can also pin bookmarks to the Google Chrome homepage. It has tabbed browsing so you can have multiple viewing windows open at once and easily toggle between them. During out in-house tests, we noticed Chrome didn’t identify as many phishing schemes as Firefox, but it did stop malicious files, including ransomware and Trojans, from opening and infecting our computer. Chrome’s privacy browser is available on all devices, including cell phones, to keep your online activity private.

Download Chrome Web Browser:

3. Microsoft Edge: Best for battery life

Microsoft Edge

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

  • Secure browser
  • FastLean
  • Compatibility issues for older Windows machines

Microsoft Edge comes standard with computers running the Windows 10 operating system, but it also works on both Android and iOS cell phones. It isn’t, however, compatible with older Windows versions.

It’s much leaner and faster than Internet Explorer, which it replaces. In some respects it’s also a better proposition than Chrome or Firefox. That’s because Edge tends to use less memory (RAM) so it will feel faster on older computers and tends to use less power, which is important on a laptop. The trade-off is that it doesn’t have the wealth of extensions or apps you’ll find with the those other browsers. 

When we tested Edge’s security, it not only warned of phishing schemes and other dangerous websites, but it also blocked malware files from infecting out test devices. Microsoft Edge includes Notes, a tool that lets you highlight works or passages on any webpage and save them to read later. 

You can add icons to the toolbar that link you to frequently visited websites and use the URL field to search the web. Edge has sync capabilities so you can access your bookmarks and search history across all your devices. Microsoft is one of the few internet browser developers that offers telephone support if you are having difficulties with its program.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser:

4. Opera: Good all-rounder


Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

  • Uses the same base program as Google Chrome
  • Not recognized by older websites, which may block your access to them

Opera feels similar to Google Chrome because it uses the same base program. But Opera is unique because it features a sidebar where you can pin links to your favorite websites, sort of like a bookmark, or shortcuts to email and chat windows.

You can adjust the settings to hide the sidebar and use more traditional menus and toolbars like other internet browser programs. 

Opera is decently fast, about on par with Firefox and Chrome when it comes to initial startup, site navigation and page loading. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and works on iOS and Android mobile devices. The URL bar doubles as a search bar, and it has stacking, which means you can drag and drop open tabs in the order you want them. 

Opera is blocked by several websites that aren’t familiar with this web browser, especially very old and out-of-date websites that haven’t been updated to the most recent browser standards. Also, Opera doesn’t have any form of web blocking or parental controls by default, but you can add these via add-ons.

Dowload Opera Browser:

5. Safari: Best for Macs


Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS

  • Designed for Mac devices
  • Loads webpages quickly
  • Offers telephone support
  • Not compatible with Windows operating systems
  • Can’t customize toolbars
  • Voice interaction works only with mobile devices

Safari is one of the best choices for Mac devices because it is designed specifically for Apple’s machines. It connects quickly and loads full sites faster than any macOS-compatible browser we tested.

Safari takes a moment to learn if you’re not already familiar with Mac computers, and you can’t customize this browser with toolbars, but you still get tabbed browsing like Firefox and Chrome offer. Safari lets you tag favorite sites and has a reading list where you can save articles or parts of websites to read later. While you’re reading an article, Safari has a tool that pushes ads and other distractions aside so you can read without unrelated text or images breaking in. 

This browser is the default for iPhones and iPads, and it syncs through your iCloud account, so any changes you make on one device will be available on any device connected to your account. When we tested its default security settings, Safari warned us of malicious websites that had phishing schemes or dangerous links on them. But it didn’t stop malicious downloads, so we had to depend on a Mac antivirus program to gather these threats during the download process. 

This is one of the few browsers that has live support. It also has great online resources, like tutorials and searchable FAQs, so you can find answers on your own.

Download Apple Mac Safari Browser: